NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching
What is NLP Plus Coaching?

The term Neuro-Linguistic Programming, nowadays better known as NLP, stands for how we perceive the world around us and how we respond accordingly. 
We humans do and think many things that become a “habit” over time. We then live as it were on autopilot. 
That makes sense because we cannot remember everything we experience, see, hear and feel on a daily basis. We continuously filter the information that comes to us every day to our unconscious level. 
In addition, the way we communicate with other people is also determined by our beliefs, values ​​and norms, cultural background and events that we have experienced.

Learning and applying NLP is about discovering ‘how’ you do the things you do and how you can change these (if desired). How do you respond (communication and behavior) to what you perceive and how could you do it more effectively or differently? 

If you keep thinking the way you thought, and keep doing what you did, you get what you always got. 
That is fine only if you want to change something in the (eating) behavior, it makes sense to look for where bottlenecks or obstructing thoughts/feelings come from, 
José can help with the application of NLP models and techniques. 
– To gain more insight into the way we humans do things the way we do, 
– To give you insight into your unconscious patterns by making them (more) aware.
– By teaching you how to convert hindering thoughts / strategies into helping thoughts/strategies. 
– By applying various NLP models and techniques, José, as a dietitian / NLP coach, will look for where obstacles come from and what may stand in the way of the desired behavioral change in relation to eating behavior. 

An NLP Plus coach is primarily supplementary. She teaches you to look, feel and experience in a different way what role food plays in your life. You gain other insights and with that permanent changes in (eating) behavior can occur.