What is BIAmed?

Dietitians Complete dietitians guide overweight with a regular, personal energy-restricted diet. In addition to this guidance, you can also opt for guidance with BIAmed. BIAmed is a responsible, professional method to make adults lose weight. The method is effective, reliable and safe. People lose fat and retain muscle tissue, unlike many other diets.

BIAmed consists of:

  • measurement of body composition (so-called BIA measurement)
  • use of meal replacements

The BIA measurement

The BIA measurement is the measurement of the electrical resistance of the body using a small current. This takes place via four electrodes on the body. Together with your weight, height, age and gender, the exact composition of your body can be calculated from the measured resistance (ratio of fat, muscle and water). 

The BIA measurement               

What is the meal replacement?

The meal replacement is a product that is meant to be eaten instead of a regular meal. For that reason, it must meet certain legal guidelines in terms of composition. These regulations include the total energy content of the replacement meal (powder plus dairy), the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the amounts of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

The benefits of the meal replacement are:

  • it contains all the essential nutrients that the body needs. This guarantees the maintenance of muscle mass and other vital body cells.
  • it contains only a small amount of calories, which automatically results in a substantial reduction in energy intake.
  • it contains nutrients in a “bite-sized” form for the body so that hardly any activity of the body needs to take place after processing to process the ingested nutrients. All kinds of mechanisms that occur after a normal meal, such as the release of digestive juices and an increase in insulin levels, hardly ever occur after taking the meal replacement.

The meal replacement is powdered and is mixed with 330 ml low-fat or semi-skimmed dairy. The basic taste is vanilla, but there are also various taste sachets available. There is also a variant in the form of a bar (chocolate flavor).

The Biamed program

Using the BIA measurement, the dietitian can calculate how much energy the body needs per day. The calculation is made based on your active muscle mass. You will receive customized treatment for the energy-limited meal. 
Every 2 weeks you come to your dietitian for a new measurement where the diet treatment can be adjusted again.

The BIAmed program has two phases that merge:

1. The phase of weight loss

The first phase starts with 2 days in which the meal replacement is only used 5 times a day. Subsequently, two meals a day are replaced by the meal replacement and a regular meal can be used, whereby you can determine yourself whether that is breakfast, lunch or evening meal.

The combination of meal replacements and the regular meal leads to a reduction of energy intake to around 1000 kcal per day and a weight loss of on average 1 kilo of fat per week.

At a later stage you switch to one meal replacement per day and two regular meals. The day pattern then goes back to the normal diet. The weight loss will continue but will be halved compared to the intensive period.

2. The stabilization phase

People eat a normal meal three times a day and therefore no longer use a meal replacement. On the basis of the BIA measurement, it can be determined how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat you need to take per day to keep on weight.

Naturally, the program involves more than meals and meal replacements. We provide you with information about your body composition in relation to the diet and teach you a healthy diet. Together with you, we look for ways to integrate this diet into daily life.

Once your weight is in balance, it is important to remain vigilant. 
You can have a BIA measurement performed if required (eg once per quarter).

We can guide you, but you are responsible for motivation and success!