About Us

About Us

Socksforsiberia Dietitian started on 1 April 2004. On that day, Jolanda, José, Julienne, and Simone embarked on a new adventure. 
Now, so many years later, Brain Stam Dietitian has grown to become the dietitian practice in West Friesland, with 6 dietitians and consultations at 14 locations. 

All Socksforsiberia Dietitian has completed the 4-year HBO course in Nutrition and Dietetics. We are a member of the Dutch Association of Dietitians and are registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics. We keep our knowledge and quality high by following additional training courses and courses. 


Myrte Klinkenberg

In 1997 I graduated in Nutrition & Dietetics in Amsterdam. After that, I worked in a nursing home, hospitals and in-home care. The variety of patients with all different syndromes makes work a constant challenge. 

Over the years I have specialized in oncology. An area with always new developments.
Since 2016 I have been chair of the IKNL working group Dietitians Oncology (Amsterdam, North-Holland, and Flevoland region). In addition, my interest lies with malnutrition in the broadest sense of the word, children who do not grow sufficiently, clients who have lost weight due to illness and vulnerable elderly people. so that I can further expand my knowledge and expand cooperation in the region.

Gioya Roelink

I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and have been working as a dietitian since 1983.
I have worked in various settings, including 6 years in the US and in England. From 2004-2008 I was chairman of the Dutch Association of Dietitians, which brought me a lot in administrative and political matters.

Since January 2019 I have obtained my NLP Plus Coach diploma and I can help you when eating and especially dealing with it is a problem or rather a challenge. This includes eating in relation to eating disorders, overweight, underweight and abdominal complaints. NLP is especially complementary, it teaches you to look, feel and experience in a different way what role food plays in your life. You gain other insights and with that permanent changes.
I still like the beauty of this profession that not only the symptom but often the cause of the complaint is treated by nutrition.