Is variation really necessary?

Is variation really necessary?
February 6, 2019 No Comments Uncategorized Robert N. Davis

Mothers were right!

Most people are raised with the idea that you should vary in your food, but is that also true? Or was that only called by your mother because you had to eat your sprouts? 
Well, moms were right though! Not that they used to eat so varied (bread, potatoes, vegetables, and meat every day and once a week an “exciting dish” like macaroni or fried rice), but the theory is correct.

If you eat very unilaterally and vary too little, you may incur large nutrient deficiencies. As a result, your body does not function optimally, you can develop allergies faster and it is also more difficult to lose weight.

The reason that many people eat one-sided is often convenience and also have no idea what else is possible as meals. Your body needs many different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to function optimally. I asked around a few times about some of my friends and listed what is being eaten. And then my average week.

Just compare

An average daily menu of a woman:
breakfast: yogurt with cruesli 
lunch: 2 sandwiches with halvarine and cheese, peanut butter and jam 
dinner: potatoes, cooked vegetables, meatball 
snacks: 2 cookies

And a quick analysis:
The daily yogurt can cause lactose intolerance. 
Cruesli is sweetened and has virtually no nutritional value anymore … 
Everyday bread can cause a Leaky Gut and they are also fast carbohydrates. 
Halvarine can contain unhealthy trans fats that cause cardiovascular disease. 
Potatoes are fast carbohydrates and cause large fluctuations in your blood sugar levels 
And the cookies are also an attack on your energy level by the sugars.

My average daily menu:
breakfast: oatmeal, or eggs, or smoothie or … 
lunch: meal salad, or spelled bread with butter and goat cheese, or scrambled eggs, or nut bread or … 
dinner: stir-fry dish with rice, or oven dish with sweet potatoes, or meal salad or … 
snacks : oatmeal / banana cookies, or date balls, or piece of goat cheese or….

And again a quick analysis:
As you soon see, I don’t eat the same thing every day. The or…. behind the different eating moments means that the list of variations is too long to list them all.

Not only do I vary with different types of meals every day, but I tune into each other throughout the week to keep surprising my body with other nutrients. For example, I eat healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados and coconut fat through many meals . But also more than enough fiber thanks to the smoothies and salads . And if I draw I have bread then it becomes spelled bread which is better digested because it still has much of the original grain from the past. But not every day either.

All the carbohydrates that I take are slow carbohydrates that keep my blood sugar level balanced so that I don’t suffer from energy dips or a constant feeling of hunger. My kids also eat in this pattern (although they do bring bread to school every day), so they get to know a lot of other flavors and get all the nutrients.

Never eat again for food

A few years ago I was able to eat all day, I was always hungry, looked forward to the coffee breaks and really did not leave the house without some slices of gingerbread, Evergreens or Sultanas in my bag. Not knowing that it was precisely those snacks (and my breakfast and lunch of bread) that created the feeling of hunger. Now that I avoid these fast carbohydrates I eat when I’m hungry and that’s really so much less! Sometimes I forget to eat myself, something I had previously thought impossible.

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