Crazy Guy on a Bike


One of our volunteers, Jim Jackson, of Hammond, Louisiana, left his hometown on Sunday, May 9, 2010 with just the minimal necessary gear and a custom built bicycle on an incredible journey to fulfill a dream. He will spend the next 4 years riding this bicycle 25,000 miles or so around our planet!!! While on this adventure, Jim will be promoting our organization as well as increasing awareness everywhere he goes about what our mission is while he pursues his dream!

An outline of his planned route, etc. looks something like this:

  • May 2010 – Oct. 2010:  Across USA
  • Nov. 2010:  Fly to Ukraine & spend winter with friends
  • April 2011:  Train to Vladivostok & then bike across Siberia to Abakan and meet us and the orphans we  support in August 2011! Then continue biking across Russia & back into the Ukraine
  • Sept. 2011 – March 2012: Spend winter in Ukraine
  • 2012:  Tour around Europe
  • 2013:  Finish tour of Europe and then across Canada & back into USA!

Jim has biked 2,517 miles (4,051 km) so far after 180 days!!! Way to go Jim!!! Check out Jim’s journal about his experiences:

“Where is the CRAZY GUY ON A BIKE NOW???”

We are hoping that you, our supporters, will help support Jim on this amazing journey that he has decided to commit to for the next four years by pledging what monetary donation you feel would be appropriate for his efforts! Suggestions include a single donation, or so much a mile that he completes. You can make a pledge in Jim’s name by sending us an email OR drop us a note in the mail!! Pledges will be posted on a page on our website that is currently being created and will be dedicated solely to his venture!



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